The Spies who lost the Battle of Britain - DVD

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· Duration: 63mins

· PAL Colour and B/W

· Produced by: Boffins TV Production

On the run up to WW2 the Graf Zeppelin airship crossed the North Sea and embarked on a daring spy mission. On board were top German wireless experts looking for any evidence of British radar. Travelling up and down the east coast they were unable to detect our greatest secret!

Chain Home was the top secret radar network on which Britain’s survival depended, the first operational station being at Bawdsey on the East coast. The full story is now revealed in this DVD as wartime boffin, Ned Fennessey recalls his chance encounter with the architect of the unsuccessful spy mission.

With reconstructions, exclusive interviews and analysis, the incredible story of British Radar is told and how the Zeppelin spies came to make the greatest intelligence blunder of the war.