Mug The Daventry Experiment

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· Made in Suffolk

· Bone China

· Height 83mm

· Diameter 75mm

This delightful, bespoke bone china mug was designed exclusively for Bawdsey Radar to mark the Daventry Experiment. On 26 February 1935, Robert Watson-Watt and Arnold Wilkins drove a van into a field near Daventry. With some poles, wires, a receiver in the back of the van and a Heyford bomber they conducted an experiment that would help win a battle in a war that had yet to start...

Radio signals from the nearby BBC Daventry transmitters were reflected by the Heyford bomber and detected by the receiver in the van; successfully proving that a moving object in the sky could be identified.

This became known as 'The Daventry Experiment' and was so successful that the government funded development that became known as Radar.

The significant elements of the event - the men, the van, the aircraft and the transmitter towers have been captured on the mug by local artist Mark Beesley.

Exclusive to Bawdsey Radar Trust, this mug commemorates a remarkable achievement 86 years ago; it is a unique piece of history telling and an attractive gift for anyone interested in our heritage.