Shout & Whisper

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· A5 Booklet including CD

· Exclusive to Bawdsey Radar

Our “Shout and Whisper” oral history booklet and CD is one of our best kept secrets. Historically important, we think it is time we started to ‘shout’ about its unique contents!

The idea for the title “Shout and Whisper” was drawn from the massive outgoing radar pulse and the tiny, received echo.

It is packed full of fascinating reminiscences from the men and women involved with radar at RAF Bawdsey from 1936 onwards. The stories and anecdotes are accompanied by beautiful pen and ink drawings by local artist Mark Beesley. It will make a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the personalities from that period of history, whether it be the eminent scientists, radar operators or the maid who worked at the manor.

The CD contains many of the voices of the oral history participants, bringing alive the extraordinary experiences of the people involved with the development and use of radar at Bawdsey.

Compiled by Dr David Heath