Retro Tea Towel

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· 100% woven cotton

· 48cm x 78cm

· Made in Suffolk

· ©Bawdsey Radar

· Exclusive to Bawdsey Radar

We are excited to introduce, a bright new ‘retro’ design tea towel depicting RAF Bawdsey in 1937.

This exclusive design has been created by Nick Black, a Bawdsey Radar supporter, using a retro colour scheme to give a familiar picture a nostalgic but lively makeover.

The presence of the four towers soaring behind the charming architecture of the Manor, are a reminder that this was the place where radar was secretly developed.

Our attractive tea towel is made of 100% woven cotton material making it a useful addition to the kitchen. By purchasing one of these tea towels, you will be helping us tell the Bawdsey Radar story.