Magic Ear

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· 15cm x 21cm paperback

· 71 pages

· Colour

· Author Jenny Webb

· Published 2017

· Age range 8 – 11 years

When author Jenny Webb moved to Bawdsey and learned about the groundbreaking events that had taken place just down the road, she was inspired to write this story for young people.

“When Tom asks his Gran for a memory from World War 2, little does he imagine that his great-granny Jean’s played a key role in one of Britain’s wartime secrets – working as a radar operator at Bawdsey Manor.

A box of Great-Granny Jean’s memorabilia from WW2 is the staring point for an adventure into history where together, Tom and Gran learn all about radar, ‘The Magic Ear’, and how it affects our lives today. Along the way, Tom comes across Martello towers and WW1 and 2 military structurers which show that this remote corner of the Suffolk coast has always faced danger from across the sea.”

A lovely children’s adventure story set at Bawdsey which would appeal to inquisitive youngsters.