Life on the Deben

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  • 25cm x 20cm paperback
  • 158 pages, 710gm
  • Colour
  • Authors Nick Cottam and Tim Curtis
  • First published 2019
  • Foreword written by John McCarthy

Life on the Deben captures the soul and spirit of a beautiful Suffolk River: its people, its astonishing history, and its natural environment. From source to mouth, in text and stunning imagery, this book is one of the most definitive accounts of life on the River Deben. For a river just over 25 miles long, from Debenham to Bawdsey Quay and Felixstowe Ferry, the Deben packs a mighty punch in terms of tranquil beauty, ever changing scenery and astonishing history.

Chapter 14 “We know you are coming” is all about Bawdsey Radar.