Birth of British Radar - A Wilkins

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· 17.5cm x 24cm Paperback

· 112 pages

· Black & white

· Author: Arnold Wilkins

· Publisher: RSGB

Arnold "Skip" Wilkins is one of the unsung heroes of the British effort to develop radar. The Birth of British Radar book combines the memoirs of Skip with an authoritative overview of the historical importance of his work. At the core of The Birth of British Radar are Skip's memoirs of his involvement in the British radar (or, as it was then known, radio direction finding, RDF) programme from its very inception in 1935. Working under the direction of Robert Watson-Watt, it was he who proposed using radio waves, bounced back from an enemy aircraft, to detect its position. Initially working entirely alone, he constructed prototype equipment which he used in the famous Daventry experiment conducted in a field near Weeden, Northants, on 26 February 1935. The success of this led to the establishment of the R&D group at Bawdsey Manor with its team of talented scientists, engineers and technicians. From there he describes the engineering and political developments which occurred to change faint traces into a fully working system which played such a crucial role in defending Britain in the Second World War. This book covers in appropriate detail the developments of interest to radio and radar engineers. Why not combine this with the purchase our bespoke Daventry Experiment mug!