Birth of the Beam

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· 17cm x 22cm Paperback

· 207 pages

· Black and white

· Gordon Kinsey

· First published 1983

· Digitally reprinted 2018

When Bawdsey Manor on the Suffolk coast, at the mouth of the river Deben, became home to Robert Watson Watt and his team of scientists, who had been working on the development of radio location, it acquired a place in aeronautical history. From here, in what had been the home of the Quilter family, radio location or radar as it was later to be called was brought to the state in which it could be used as part of Britain’s air defences, and here was built the first operational radar station. In his book Gordon Kinsey has linked the story of Bawdsey with that of the nearby “crash ‘drome” at Sutton Heath, later known as RAF Woodbridge.

The book covers the story of the development of airborne radar up to 1980 at Bawdsey and includes a chapter on the Quilter family.

It is illustrated with many photographs of the time and is the definitive read for anyone interested in the history of the Birth of the Beam at Bawdsey.